Welcome to NuFor 2020: Nuclear Forensics virtual event

15:00 - 17:00 (GMT) daily. 

Nuclear Forensics directly supports national nuclear security and is reliant upon access to expertise from right across the nuclear industry, academia and beyond. Many people from a diverse range of disciplines have experience and knowledge that could be invaluable to Nuclear Forensics, which by sharing will help support this exciting and important scientific field.

NuFor (Nuclear Forensics) is a 2-day virtual conference aiming to bring together experts from academia, industry and government to share developments in the field of Nuclear Forensics to a wider audience. The conference aims to highlight the work done throughout industry and academia that can be used to support national nuclear security, as well as promoting the exchange of information and good practice between those already involved in nuclear forensics and other specialists who could provide wider value to the Nuclear Forensics community.

The event will be held over 2-days and split into two sessions as follows:

Session 1: “NuFor 101: What is Nuclear Forensics?”

The theme of this session is to provide an overview on the discipline of Nuclear Forensics and demonstrate its relevance to current and future security challenges.  The session also aims to promote the valuable multidisciplinary technical research being carried out and encourage involvement into the field from new researchers from different disciplines and subject areas, many of which will have something to contribute.

Topics for discussion:

  • What is Nuclear Forensics?
  • Policy context for Nuclear Forensics
  • Technical overview: techniques and applications of fundamental science
  • Nuclear Forensics in action – case studies

Session 2: “NuFor Discussion Panel: How can you contribute?”

The theme of this session is the importance of Nuclear Forensics in the national and international context and the value of R&D in supporting that.

The aim of this panel discussion is to connect the scientific and technical work highlighted in the previous day’s session with the coordinated efforts to grow the discipline with a new and wider audience. Crucially, we will demonstrate through discussion how the multidisciplinary R&D being undertaken both inside and outside of national security programmes can make a direct and valuable contribution to something of international importance, providing line of sight for researchers and students on how they can get involved in this growing and important field of research.

Our Panel of Experts will be announced in due course.

Key dates:

Registration deadline:

26 October 2020 (17:00 BST)